Sunlight was once used as a cleaning method; specifically disinfecting, which is a way of cleaning inanimate objects. That is, sunlight was used to inhibit organisms’ growth. UV lights (Ultra Violet)  do the same thing. It is a way to kill bacteria and germs without chemicals.

UV light is known as three different wavelength ranges in the spectrum of light. They are calculated in nanometres (nm) and range from 315nm to 280nm. UV light can be termed Germicidal UV and work by deactivating the DNA of viruses and bacteria, which is how it works as a disinfectant.

In a home where chemicals are avoided at all cost, UV lights are a perfect choice. Other than placing lights everywhere, there are other ways to go about it.

Methods of using UV light in homes 

  1. UV Vacuum: Keeping the carpets clean at all time is a difficult task. Everyone, pets and kids, can lie down, walk and play on the carpets all day and this can make it hard to be spot clean. Other than the things we see on the carpet like dirt and stains, there are things like bacteria we cannot see. A UV vacuum can get rid of all these different germs to help keep the home safe always.


  1. UV Air Purifiers: The floors in our homes have dirt, it is where we walk constantly so dirt cannot be avoided, but the air also is something we need to survive. UV air purifiers help kill the germs, flu and alike floating in the air that can harm our health in the near or far future. Luckily, there’s an air cleaning company in Houston to take care of your air cleaning services.


  1. UV Water Purifiers: Water is very important and something that is more important than water is clean water. UV water Purifiers are an easy way to have and drink clean water. These UV water purifiers can either be built into your home or can be purified per glass to drink immediately.


Sunlight can, and is still being used to disinfect items here and there. UV light is harmful to the eyes and should not be looked at directly with the naked eyes. Sunlight, as you know, should also not be looked at directly too. Both are harmful to the eyes. Eye protection should be worn when handling UV light. Air quality express takes all this trouble off your hands with UV Lights services.

Benefits of Using UV Lights

There are, however, some benefits of using UV light, which include:

  1. Controlled smell, odors, bacteria, viruses, flu, allergy and so on
  2. Reduced illnesses
  3. Work better in humid places
  4. No chemicals in the home
  5. UV lights require very low maintenance.
  6. They can be used almost everywhere and anywhere including homes, offices, hospitals, manufacturing companies, food-processing companies, farms, pharmacies. Swimming pools, aquariums, cosmetic production and so much more.


The quality of our life indoor is very important for our family, our friends and ourselves. We spend a lot of time indoors and so it is critical that we can trust our homes to be free of germs and bacteria to an extent. UV lights, as simple as they are, can help improve the quality of living in our homes and in our offices and all manner of places where needed.

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