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Power washing is sometimes interchanged with pressure washing. It is this way because it is using high-pressure water to get rid of dirt, mold, mud and so on. All these and much more can be removed from different surfaces like concrete, buildings and many more.

Power washing is something people tend to feel can be done easily by themselves just to save them the stress of looking for the right professional company (especially in the power washing of buildings). Another fear is how good the company is. Air quality express has the right professionals in Houston that help save you the stress. Also, to save costs; but sometimes, this could lead to paying more than budgeted for if the job is not done well, there is a risk of injuries happening too.

Why you should let a professional handle your power washing

Other reasons why professionals should be left to do power washings are:  

  1. Risk:Anything can happen at any time. Injuries can happen anytime as well. When you power wash the walls of your building, you are washing something out. It could be paint, mold or dirt. Something is being washed away. Not all communities would allow this water from power washing to go just anywhere. That needs to be taken into consideration as well. The water can be harmful to you and the environment, therefore causing risk to all those involved. Professionals already have a system and have a way to go about this wastewater.
  2. Delicate Structures: Power washing for buildings, for example, require different kinds of strength and pressure depending on the building type. It can also depend on the different kinds of paint used for the building. If you ask the professional company to clean the building or remove the paint from the building, different pressure strengths are used. Mostly, only the professionals would know this.
  3. Hidden Costs: When you decide to power wash yourself, there are a lot of things you think about and some you forget. For example, purchasing a pressure washer. Whether you are renting one or buying one, money is involved. If you rent the washer per hour, there is a possibility you may or may not be done within the time budgeted. In addition, if you work at an hour-paying job, the time used for washing is being sacrificed; worse if the job is not well done and you have to call the professionals anyway.
  4. Dirt will Return: Dirt is inevitable. Everything you are washing from the building will soon be back again. With professional companies, the periods between washing will be longer compared to when its done yourself. Professional companies are thorough and it is money well spent. If you do it yourself, you will soon be doing it all over again.



There are professionals for a reason and one of them is to help clean places we cannot. Power washing does not require a specific time. It could be as easy as cleaning your room or bathroom, all you need is a decision and a phone to call the services needed. Get in touch with Air quality express today to have all your professional cleaning needs taken care of.


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