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Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) provides us with clean air indoors. We keep breathing in and out and sometimes we forget that this is a system. It needs to be maintained and checked once in a while. Regular checks of the vents are important for us, be it at our homes or in our offices. Some of these occasional checks can be done by us before a professional comes at a later day. This can reduce the cost going into house maintenance each year. In addition, it can prevent the sudden damage of the HVAC.

How to clean your HVAC system

Minor ways to clean the vent include:

  1. Air Filter: These need to be replaced and checked very often, every 30 to 90 days at least. If windows are open often or there if is a pet in the house, the filters should be changed more often. When they are not changed or cleaned, it can make HVAC system inefficient and not effective and can cause stress on the HVAC.
  2. Unusual Noise: When we live in a place for a long time, we get accustomed to the sounds of everything around us. That is, other than the HVAC system, we know the right sound of the fridge and lights for example. If there is an odd sound in the air vents when the system is on, one should be able to hear it. These odd sounds could be caused by debris somewhere inside or a loose nut. Identify where exactly the noise is coming from, and call a professional about it if you do not know what to do. Luckily, there are skilled professionals ready to help out at Air Quality Express.
  3. Fans: It is ok to use fans as well. Standing fans and ceiling fans work just fine. A change in the ventilation system helps the air vent rest. Other than using either the HVAC system or the fans, they can be used together. On Hot days, putting the fan and the HVAC on help bring the temperature of the room down faster. On cooler days, the fans and open windows help to circulate the cool air around the house to make the temperature comfortable.
  4. Professionals: Knowing when to call the professionals is one way to help the HVAC system last longer. Preventive maintenance that helps with the tightening of loose wires, nuts, bolts and other details that we do not know about are fixed by these professionals. In addition, other underlying issues may be wrong with the system that need professional help. Be sure to call on the best HVAC cleaning service in Houston to ensure you’re in the right hands.


The air we breathe in is very important. It is important that it is clean, especially for children, as there are a lot of things in the air that we do not see. The good news is, HVAC cleaning can be done any time in the year. Peak seasons where everyone is calling for a HVAC cleaner can be prevented. Having it checked often by you and then periodically by professionals can help create a good and clean environment. This keeps you and your family, as well as your work colleagues safe.

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