When a fire accident happens, destruction of property and sometimes life usually follows. Let’s not even talk about the overwhelming emotions that also come with it. Fires and smoke do a lot of damage to electrical appliances. Even when they seem to be unaffected by a fire, the appliances should be checked by professionals to ensure their safety for further use. We, at Air Quality Express are the professionals in Houston you should call. If unfortunately, there was a fire, we have the expertise and foresight to prevent the impending damages your seemingly fine electrical appliances may pose on you. Especially your AC units.


Even if your ac unit seems unaffected by a fire, damaged units may contain soot and debris which can cause electrical jumps, electric shock, damage to the entire home electric system, accommodate mold and mildew formation, and debris dislodge through vents. Smoke and debris also get caught in rugs and carpets, leaving a terrible mess. When we step in after a fire accident, you may forget that there was a fire in the first place.
We also offer free 24/7 HVAC inspections in Houston. Our specialists will inspect your AC unit for any possible fire damages, and fit you with the perfect solution. Don’t neglect your home and your loved ones. Call today and schedule that inspection.


Water is life itself. Without water there is no life. It is that simple. But sometimes water can cause destruction of lives and property. From floods to leakages, if the water is causing you problems, call us at Air Quality Express.
No one in Houston understands the damage water can pose to your electrical appliances more than we do. Especially the damage it may inflict on your AC unit. Don’t be fooled into thinking the AC is perfect for use after a major water accident. It may not be. If you want to know for sure, give us a call today.


Damaged AC units may contain residual water which could cause electric shocks, electrical jumps, damage to entire home electric system—which may lead to a fire, as well as mould and mildew formation. And apart from being unappealing to look at, water damage to carpets, rugs and flooring is a great breeding ground for bacteria, mould, and mildew.
At Air Quality Express, we offer free HVAC inspections in Houston. Our specialists will inspect your AC unit for any possible water damages and threats, and provide you with the perfect solution at the most unbelievably affordable rates. Air Quality Express rates will leave you speechless after the job. Be proactive in taking care of your home and your loved ones – call us today and schedule an inspection!

Fire Damage Restoration
Fire Damage Restoration
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