When a fire accident happens, destruction of property and sometimes life usually follows. Let’s not even talk about the overwhelming emotions that also come with it. Fires and smoke do a lot of damage to electrical appliances. Even when they seem to be unaffected by a fire, the appliances should be checked by professionals to ensure their safety for further use. We, at Air Quality Express are the professionals in Houston you should call. If unfortunately, there was a fire, we have the expertise and foresight to prevent the impending damages your seemingly fine electrical appliances may pose on you. Especially your AC units.


Even if your ac unit seems unaffected by a fire, damaged units may contain soot and debris which can cause electrical jumps, electric shock, damage to the entire home electric system, accommodate mold and mildew formation, and debris dislodge through vents. Smoke and debris also get caught in rugs and carpets, leaving a terrible mess. When we step in after a fire accident, you may forget that there was a fire in the first place.

We also offer free 24/7 smoke odor inspections and cleaning solution in Houston. Our specialists will inspect your AC unit for any possible fire damages, and fit you with the perfect solution. Don’t neglect your home and your loved ones. Call today and schedule that inspection.

water damage restoration

Water is life itself. Without water there is no life. It is that simple. But sometimes water can cause destruction of lives and property. From floods to leakages, if the water is causing you problems, call us at Air Quality Express.

No one in Houston understands the damage water can pose to your walls. ceilings and electrical appliances more than we do. Especially the damage it may inflict on your AC unit. Don’t be fooled into thinking the AC is perfect for use after a major water accident. It may not be. If you want to know for sure, give us a call today.


Damaged AC units may contain residual water which could cause electric shocks, electrical jumps, damage to entire home electric system—which may lead to a fire, as well as mold and mildew formation. And apart from being unappealing to look at, water damage to carpets, rugs and flooring is a great breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and mildew.

At Air Quality Express, we offer free walls and ceilings inspections in Houston. Our specialists will inspect your AC unit for any possible water damages and threats, and provide you with the perfect solution at the most unbelievably affordable rates. Air Quality Express rates will leave you speechless after the job. Be proactive in taking care of your home and your loved ones – call us today and schedule an inspection!

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Fire, albeit a very important element on earth, has a huge destructive tendency. It has the potential to lead to the severe destruction of significant property. It brings alongside it many other problems that will definitely affect the quality of life you live negatively.

The fire might affect your whole building, burning mainly the exterior and the roofing. It can also affect a part of the building’s exterior surfaces. Sometimes it is just a part of the interior, say, a particular room. In whichever case, there will be destruction; minor or major. There are so many things fire can do to your property as regards its destruction ability. There are many diverse ways this can occur.

Something as minuscule as a gas splinter can cause a wreckage if care is not taken. Candles can even do worse. The tiny flame from the wick of a candle can easily put your textile curtain up in flames. From where it spreads to the other materials in the room. One funny thing about fire and its damage ability is that it defies the law of flammability. Things you initially considered non- flammable will burn lavishly to your utmost surprise. Fire is that wonderful.

Coming to the health risks of staying in a building that has suffered fire damage, but has not been properly restored, you will marvel. Cancer of the lungs; just like in smokers, smoke from cigarettes and their other numerous smoking paraphernalia causes cancer of the lungs, this same way, residual smoke from burnt materials that has stayed days—even weeks at times—can cause an infusion of smoke into the body, through the respiratory system, and eventually end up in the lungs. Cancer is a gradual process and it proves quite difficult to detect at times.

Why put yourself in that risk?

Apart from lung cancer, smoke brings about some other unpleasant cases. For some people, it causes a headache, that is, inhalation of smoke. It brings about catarrh in some, and some even go on to develop more complex respiratory problems in the future due to the introduction of smoke to their lungs. Most times, in cases of fire outbreak in residential or office buildings, the major cause of death is the smoke. The people inside suffers a lack of oxygen, and have to battle with smoke. A lot of them suffocate and die from that. Just a very little percentage gets killed by fire.

This is not something we would want you to suffer. And that is why we are here for you.

At Air Quality Express, we offer a very unique style of fire and smoke damage restoration for any type of property in Houston and its environs. We come in, first, to inspect and analyze the situation, and when done, we give you a quote. The good thing is, this is totally free. You don’t have to pay a dime for the quotation.

When we are fixing damages, we prioritize damage that can possibly lead to more damage. Like a burnt stairwell that is in danger of collapsing or a wall weakened by a fire that can easily cave in and expose you to trespasser and robbers. We take our time, analyze these things and get into solutions.

We have had a good number of clients around Houston and they rate us highly. There is a reason our clients rate us highly. You have a property in Houston and it has suffered fire damage

Let us help with your fire damage restoration process.

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