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We, at Air quality express are dedicated to any and every problem you may have with your dryer vent. With years of dryer vent cleaning experience, little wonder why we’ve totally dominated the Houston market. With our world-class equipment, we make the most troublesome dryer vent problems a memory. We inspect, test and offer total dryer vent cleaning to provide you with the best airflow your vents can offer. If you suspect a dryer vent problem, contact us today for professional help. Our only goal is to ensure your immediate surroundings are hygienic and safe.


We have discovered that in Houston, cleaning dryer vents protects from avoidable fire hazards, explosions or damage to your vents. This makes cleaning dryer vents more important. We offer the simplest solutions to the most common dryer vent problems. With our professional tools, we eliminate lint blockages and debris from dryer vents.
Our premium quality dryer vent cleaning services are;
Vent cover cleaning
Dryer vent cleaning
HVAC duct cleaning
Registers and returns
We pride ourselves on affordable service for everyone. Whether it is large scale, small scale or middle scale dryer vent cleaning, our price range remains uniform throughout Houston. For the kind of service we provide our prices are a steal.


Cleaning your dryer vent today will go a long way in preventing lint build up in your air vent, and thereby preventing the damage the build-up of lint could confer. If the hot air from the dryer is not capable of free circulation due to lint built-up, the hot air could potentially ignite a fire which will be dangerous.
Cleaning your dryer vent doesn’t just improve the quality of indoor air, it also improves your cooling and heating systems’ performance which in turn saves you money whether at home or at work. Having your vent cleaned improves the usage of energy, reduces the dry cycles and decreases the risk of a fire accident.
Hiring us for dryer vent cleaning services will assure you the quality cleaning with no risk of fire or any other type of damages. Give us a call now.

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Looking for a quality and affordable dryer vent cleaning service?
Call now – 832-781-0105

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