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We all have carpets in our homes, and we all know how troublesome it can be to get that lingering stain, dust or smell out of a carpet. Some of us, in our attempts at DIY carpet cleaning, or employing inexperienced carpet cleaners end up leaving the carpet worse off than it was before our attempt at “cleaning”. Let’s be honest, not everyone is blessed with the abilities and intricate knowledge required for proper carpet cleaning.
Lucky for you though, we, at Air Quality Express have mastered the delicate art of carpet cleaning. We are second to none in carpet cleaning in Houston. We believe in offering the best quality of service and workmanship at a fair price. Why buy another one or ruin the current one by not cleaning it right? Instead, patronize us now to give that carpet the new look it had.


With a lot of carpet cleaning services in Huston claiming to offer 24-hour service, we are the only professionals ready and dedicated to serving you on your call. Cleaning and drying your carpets with our state of the art equipment and special methods, we will have you running back to us for even the most seemingly trivial of stains– Yeah, we are that good, ask around Houston.
It’s a well-known fact that clean carpets are aesthetically pleasing and last longer than carpets not properly maintained. No matter the issue, if it involves having to clean your carpet, we will do it out for you.
Our carpet cleaning rates are the best in all of Houston, this doesn’t reduce the quality of our service as we aim to keep you and your purse smiling. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today. And we’ll get right on to clean your carpets.
Other services we offer with carpet cleaning include; carpet protection, carpet deodorizing, carpet uplifting, water damage repairs, carpet relaying, underlay replacement etc.

Looking for a quality and affordable carpet and rug stem cleaning services?
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