If you have an existing ductwork system that is beyond repair – either because of excess leaks or age – we can help. Our Texas ductwork replacement experts have years of experience measuring and analyzing existing ductwork systems to determine what will work best in an upgrade or replacement.

We then match the right system and dimensions to your air conditioner and outline exactly how the replacement process will work.

For more than a decade, Air On Demand has been a trusted partner in air conditioning and ductwork installation and maintenance throughout the region. If you need an expert to look at your ductwork, now is the time to give us a call.

Air duct cleaning Houston

We have the training, experience, skills and tools to test, repair and replace inefficient and ineffective ductwork.

We are renowned for our various top-notch cleaning service at Air Quality Express. And now we have made a name for ourselves in the air duct installation process in Houston. It simply adds up that since we’re connoisseurs at keeping your living area clean which fosters healthy living, that we should also be able to provide the complete service by installing the right equipment to complement it. And now we can install your air ducts for you. Trust us with the know-how for your air duct installation because we are a team of professionals whose number one priority is your health.


HOW WE OPERATE Air Quality Express

Not only do we install your air ducts the right and healthy way, we also upgrade your air filters for you. Electrostatic air filters are the present and the future of clean air, and we recommend them for everyone because they are outstanding. These innovative filters emit electrostatic charge that draws all particles that pass through the air duct. With this installed you can breathe in clean air with minimal pollutants. It is also the perfect addition to your HVAC system, at minimal cost.


get this, the filters require no extra power to operate. It’s their unique structure that makes them act as electrostatic magnets. As air flows through the system, the filters charge up. Fascinating, right?
Our services ensure the Elimination of pollen, dust, animal dander and mold from the air you breathe with our air duct installation system and simple but brilliant air filtering technology. Plus, electrostatic filters are the easiest to clean. With simple installation and maintenance, you’ll be feeling the difference immediately. Keep your family safe and healthy with fresher air.
If you want to know more about our Ductwork repair and replace \ installation and electrostatic filters for HVAC systems? Call Air Quality Express now!

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