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Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Air Quality Express provides the best air duct cleaning in Houston . We also offer regular furnace maintenance and dryer vent cleaning. From commercial buildings to residential homes in Houston with its environs, our services are industry standard.
It is advisable to clean your air ducts frequently because they house bacteria, germs, mold, fungi and dust mites.
Dirty air duct system will pollute the air you breathe in. There is scientific proof that exposure to air pollutant leads to chronic health issues.
They can lead to suppressed lung growth, asthma, heart disease, fatal brain growth damage.

Same Day Service

Air Quality Express offer same day air duct cleaning services. Our technicians will provide an outstanding professional and quality customer service.
As experts in this field, we look forward to offering you the best service.

Our Process

Our Air duct cleaning process includes:
Cutting a hole in the duct proximate to the furnace. This will enable us to connect the vacuum line with our truck.
We then cover every register, to prevent dust and dirt escaping into your house. In every register in line, we put a skipper ball down. With an air jet gun the skipper ball will be blown through the air duct. This ball will bounce around in the system, hitting every side and slackening off the debris.
It would be automatically pulled out into the removal truck through the vacuum line.

Upon customers’ request, we will apply the deodorizer to every duct register once we finish cleaning.
Although, this might cause a temporary breathing problem, we assure you that it is 100% safe. You need only stay away for a few minutes.

Finally, if you are still asking:
Should I have my Air Duct System cleaned?
Where can I find technicians to clean my Air Duct System in Houston?

The answer is a simple and a resounding YES. This is because they get dirty over time and have the potential to contain large amounts of dust and particulates.
At Air Quality Express, we offer the best Air Duct cleaning service in Houston and its surrounding areas.

Katy Mold Removal
Katy Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

On Offer

Carpet Cleaning Coupon

  • Free Shampooing
  • Free Conditioning
  • HVAC inspection
  • $37 per room

Air Duct Cleaning:

  • Only $119.00 (regular price $200.00)
  • We brush and vacuum your air ducts and vent covers including free
  • inspection for air leaks, free deodorization.

Looking for a quality and affordable air duct cleaning services?
Call now – 832-781-0105

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