UV Light

Keeping your home’s air quality up to a certain standard is about as important as it is difficult. Some air quality control products can leave other, potentially more harmful substances behind. Alternatively, using Ultraviolet (UV) lights to kill bacteria and germs is a great, chemical-free method to correct indoor air quality. UV lights remove contaminants and even odors from the air. If you would prefer to use UV lights to eliminate indoor air pollution rather than chemicals, contact Air Quality Express. Our UV lights and purifiers keep your carpet, air, and water clean, without leaving any residue behind.


How We Use UV Lights in Homes

Air Quality Express helps clients organically improve indoor air quality through a variety of UV lighting methods. Those who live with seniors, children, or frequent allergy-suffers should strongly consider UV light air purification methods. When you call Air Quality Express, you have the added benefit of knowing that only organic, health-conscious methods were used to improve your indoor air quality. Some of the ways that we can use UV lights to clean your home’s air quality include:

  • UV Lighting System: UV lighting has provided more powerful results in commercial, residential, and industrial areas for years. Meaning “beyond violet,” UV lighting is not visible to the human eye and uses electromagnetic radiation to give you a crisp, clear light source.
  • UV Air Purifiers: The same germs present in your carpet are likely floating in the air around you. UV air purifiers destroy those particles as they pass through your HVAC system. This prevents them from wreaking havoc on your eyes, lungs, and sinuses.
  • UV Water Purifiers: Using an ultraviolet water purifier alongside your water filter ensures safe, clean drinking water. Your filter removes the typical contaminants found in tap water. At the same time, the UV purifier makes sure you don’t ingest bacteria or viruses.

UV light not only improves indoor air quality but can reduce your chance of illness. The ultraviolet light leaves behind no odors, no chemicals, and requires essentially no maintenance. Contact Air Quality Express to learn more about the purest method of indoor air purification.