Do you need The Woodlands Duct Cleaning? If so, you should call Air Quality Express. Our company performs this service exceptionally. Furthermore, we offer over ten other services directly related to improving the indoor air quality of both residential and commercial buildings. This means that you don’t have to search for and vet many different companies and contractors in order to restore the comfort and air quality of your building. Instead, you can call us, whether you need duct cleaning alone or require our full suite of services.

First, it’s important to know what sets Air Quality Express apart from our local competitors. We’re happy to tell you about the many benefits that you reap from our services. In fact, many of these benefits are simply a result of a job well done. But unfortunately, not every company is as dedicated to truly restoring your indoor air quality as we are. Instead, they boast about affordability, or fast service, or customer service but fail to thoroughly perform the job they were hired to do. But when you hire Air Quality Express, you get it all.

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Affordable Service

Healthy, clean air is a necessity. You shouldn’t have to pay a premium in order to have fresh air in your home, and when you call Air Quality Express, you don’t have to. We offer great rates on all of our services, including air duct cleaning. On top of that, you’ll find that we frequently offer deals and discounts on our services. If you’re looking to get this necessary home repair done but you don’t want to pay an excessive amount, you really need to call Air Quality Express. We can even provide a free estimate of the work, so you can calculate your savings automatically!

Fast Service

Sometimes, what you don’t pay in money you’re forced to make up for in terms of time. But like we said before, clean air is a necessity, not a convenience. Air Quality Express offer same-day service for most of the jobs we’re called to do.

In case of emergency, we make ourselves available at all hours to perform needed air quality services. If your home is damaged in the event of a fire or water-based emergency, more is at risk than your belongings. You may immediately think to call your insurance company and a home renovation team. However, your indoor air quality is also important. These type of emergencies bring with them the risk of mold or soot, which both ruin the quality of the air in your home or business. Additionally, the disaster may have caused damage to your HVAC system, which could cause further electrical emergencies or other concerns. Our team can inspect your property post-emergency and make the necessary adjustments to make your home safe again.

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Customer Service

As a company, customer service is as important as the air that we breathe. That’s why even our methods speak volumes about our customer service. For one, we aren’t one of those duct cleaners that move the dust, dirt, and debris from your ducts to another area in your home. Instead, we use a truck-mounted system to get that junk completely out of your building. Additionally, our inspection and cleaning services and thorough and we take pride in our ability to provide you with clean, fresh air. And as an added bonus, our wide range of services allows us to accomplish that goal. We have several tools and techniques to optimize your indoor air quality.

How We Clean Duct Systems

Above, we described our process a bit; however, we can go in more detail in this section. With every duct cleaning job that we’re hired for, we make sure to do a full inspection. This allows our technicians to determine whether you need more than a cleaning. For example, you may have air leaks that allow more contaminants to escape from the system and into the air in the room. We can handle these issues so that won’t become bigger problems. And if you’ve already got a bigger problem, we can help with that too.

Duct Replacement

Our technicians can replace your entire air duct system if it comes to that. And if it comes to that, our solution is actually an upgrade. Down the very air filter that we install, your new system will perform a much better job at keeping your air clean. And our new filters don’t even require additional power in order to perform this optimized function! That’s because they use electrostatic properties to naturally attract more particles to the surface. Even if you don’t need your air duct replaced today, consider upgrading your air filters.

Duct Repair

Chances are, your air ducts don’t need to be replaced entirely. We can make any needed repairs, provided that those repairs would be less expensive than replacing the ducts entirely.


To clean your ducts, we first have to remove the stuck-on dust. We accomplish this through the use of a device known as a skipper ball, which moves around and reaches every corner and crevice of the air ducts. Our technicians will also follow up manually with a brush to make sure that everything is no longer attached to the ducts. Then, our vacuum will handle the rest. In no time, your air ducts will look like new!

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Call Today!

As you can see, we’re equipped to handle everything that could possibly be going on with your ducts. Our services have eliminated mold, bacteria, and even dust mites from homes and businesses. Great air quality also prevents health issues, such as lung suppression and allergies/sinuses. Improve your comfort by improving your air quality. Call Air Quality Express at (832) 781-1015 or contact us online for your next The Woodlands Duct Cleaning, and we’ll be on our way!

The Woodlands TX Fun Facts

  • Home of the George Mitchell Nature Preserve
  • Over 200 miles devoted to outdoor activities
  • This “invisible city” is hidden by forestry.
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