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Air Quality Express provide residential services from prevention to remediation, cleaning to replacement, installation to restoration in Houston, TX

Home-ownership is a full-time job. Indoor air quality is just one of the many things that you have to maintain in order to keep your residence safe and comfortable. Though you may improve the appearance of your home by frequently vacuuming or dusting, it takes a true professional to restore your indoor air quality. Air Quality Express will clean those hard-to-reach (and hard-to-see) areas of your home that are usually the most responsible for poor indoor air quality, such as your air ducts, attic, or dryer.

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In order to ensure the very best indoor air quality, a professional crew needs to treat the building from top to bottom. As a comprehensive air quality solutions provider, Air Quality Express is willing and able to make any needed adjustments to your indoor atmosphere. From prevention to remediation, cleaning to replacement, installation to restoration, Air Quality Express offers homeowners the opportunity to vastly improve their indoor air quality within a very short time frame. Call us for all of your indoor air quality improvement services.

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Attic Cleaning

Your attic may hide many air quality hazards, all of which are best handled by professionals. For example, your attic might be home to mold, rodents, pests, contaminated insulation, and more. Additionally, worn insulation materials, such as fiberglass and mineral wool, can release small irritants into the air. These microscopic fibers can damage your eyes, skin, and lungs. Rather than risk your own safety, call Air Quality Express. We have the equipment to properly install, clean, and repair your attic—and we can keep everyone safe while doing so.


Air Duct Cleaning

Residential air ducts are much smaller than commercial units. However, they can still harbor deadly mold, bacteria, and germs. Even worse, those irritants will circulate into the air, causing aches and illness. Air Quality Express goes above and beyond the standard air duct cleaning. Our truck-mounted vacuums propel that grime completely off of your property.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Having your own washer and dryer is a huge benefit. However, a neglected dryer vent also poses a health risk and a fire hazard. Even worse, clogged vents reduce the speed and efficiency of your dryer. Fully cleaning your dryer vents is yet another way that Air Quality Express keeps your family safe, and clean, too.

UV Light

Ultraviolet light (UV) has very special properties. In fact, many bacteria, viruses, and other airborne contaminants cannot thrive in this light and dissipate in its presence. This type of light is used in purifiers for air, water, vacuums, and also your home. A/C units placed near the coils can experience dramatically higher quality air that is guaranteed for long-term results.

attic mold

Mold Remediation

Mold in your residence is a real emergency. Depending on the specific type of mold present, you or your loved ones might even experience an allergic reaction. Air Quality Express removes mold from your property. Whenever you find mold on your property’s interior, call our mold remediation experts.

Air Quality Express uses HEPA vacuums and filters, which trap extremely small particles. Due to our vacuum’s efficiency, it can trap more contaminants than your standard vacuum. Our attention to detail allows Air Quality Express to provide high-quality services, improving your overall quality of life.

Whether servicing your attic or cleaning your tile and grout, our technicians provide excellent, expedient service. Following the initial inspection, we can accurately identify and discuss the specific services you need to keep your loved ones safe. In no time, you’ll experience a cleaner home than you imagined a thorough cleaning could provide. For more information of residential services in Houston,TX and surrounding areas, you can click on them to learn more or contact to get an estimate for your property!


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Air Quality Express provide residential services from prevention to remediation, cleaning to replacement, installation to restoration in Houston, TX