When searching through Missouri City insulation companies, did hear of Air Quality Express? We are an operation located in the Houston area that specialized in many home improvement/cleaning services. This varies from duct cleaning to insulation application. For this article, in particular, we will go over the various ways insulation is installed and what type of materials will be best for your home.

If at any time you feel that you might be interested in our other services, or you are ready to begin insulating your home, visit our website here. We’ll be happy to assist you further. Insulation is one of the most important aspects in your home and it can provide a lot of benefits. Whether that is increased control of temperature or protection from diseases, insulation has been in a great tool for keeping homes clean and comfortable for residents.

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What Type Of Materials Are Used?

To understand how the process works, we will breakdown the different options that you have for materials. The essential requirements are highly dense, resistive compounds. Their job is to establish a radiant barrier between the house and the outside elements. Of course, there are other additive support features that certain materials may offer over others, but any insulative material is basically designed to control heat transfer.

What Is An R-Value?

To preface the reader before referencing this number, an R-value is a basic measurement that represents the level of resistance to heat transfer in each material per inch of thickness. You will see it used like “R-3.1” or simply “3.1”. It is used to showcase which materials are more or less effective at controlling heat.

The following are the most common types of material: 

Mineral Wool

This is actually a multitude of compounds that can be referred to by mineral wool. It is the excess fibers that are taken from different environments. Most of the common mineral wools used in the United States are made from the slag found at steel mills. However, you can also make rock wool and so on. This particular insulation is most often used in the northern regions because it has great protection against the cold temperatures. Although it has a great R-Value averaging at 3.0, we don’t recommend it for hotter climates because it is still flammable and therefore dangerous to be subject to extreme heats.


Another option that is very common amongst homeowners is fiberglass. This type of material is made of silicon (glass) strands or fibers that are woven into a material. It is a relatively simple process for manufacturers and therefore cheaper and more abundant than some of the other options. Furthermore, it can also come in the form of batts or loose-fill. Depending on which method is more effective at the time. This material is non-flammable and also has water-resistant properties. The average R-value will range from 2.8 to 3.6. For the price, it is very cost-effective.


When homeowners are looking for a more environmentally friendly option, cellulose is the best on the market. It is made up of mostly newspaper fibers and a majority comes from recycled material. This material can also come in the form of batts or loose-fill depending on the situation. It has an R-value that is from 3.1 to 3.7. Although it is more expensive than fiberglass, the safer material and slightly higher heat resistance make it an ideal choice for some.


This is one of the most expensive materials but it is worth mentioning. The reason being is it has a unique quality that allows it to be very lightweight, non-flammable and even water-resistant. The heat resistance is rated to be R-6.3 which is tremendously higher than any of its competitors. The protective qualities and high resistances make it ideal for any area and it can be applied without any problem by one of our crew members.

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What Methods Do Missouri City Insulation Companies Use?

You have a few different ways to apply the materials though, and they are designed to be more effective in specific areas of the home. Every house will have specific shapes which are either irregular or regular foundations. Sometimes they can have more obtuse shapes that are smoother or they will have sharp, acute angles. The walls may be cramped and not even allow enough space for people to enter.


This is essentially a flat blanket-like tarp. It is rolled up and then spread out across the floor of the attic. This is used for homes that have very simple, rectangular foundations. Their attics will not have many crevices or spaces that are unreachable by batts and therefore you can place it all throughout the area with little trouble.


This form is considered to be powdery and almost like snow. It is the sediment of basic materials like cellulose or fiberglass and is used when the area does not have enough space for batts. If you cannot even reach the area, you may have the installers use a blown-in route to place the loose-fill material into space. It is aerated and designed to not settle so you can keep a constant level of thickness throughout the entire duration.

Spray Foam

This is one of the most effective methods for installing your insulation. The main material used for this method is polyurethane because when it is sprayed, it instantly adheres to the corners or walls and fills all of the small spaces. This is ideal for the areas that cannot be treated by batts or loose-fill such as walls or ceilings.

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