What type of Katy commercial insulation do you use? In the South Texas climate, you have to consider your choices wisely. The environmental conditions make a difference in the protection your building requires. While there are insulations that perform better in colder weather, there are also materials that have capabilities suited for the heat. As we elaborate on this further, keep in mind that Air Quality Express can provide you with the services we mention and the benefits that follow.

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Our goal is to build more awareness in our customers so they can get the best support. In time, this generates stronger relations with our customers as it is an investment for the future. Insulation materials and the installation will differ from company to company, so deciding on the service that supports your project and your future goals are imperative. You can reach one of our representatives at any time by visiting this page here. Ensuring your insulation is done properly is our specialty.

Methods of Katy Commercial Insulation

We will be happy to offer some of the most common types of insulation available. In fact, given the nature of design with various buildings, it is often a necessity to have more than one method. This is due to the changes in the amount of space, angles, and quantity that has to be applied. For each of the different methods, there are specific chemicals which we will recommend for the process. Furthermore, we will also highlight the benefits that you can experience from each particular method as they are all useful in their own right.

Batt Installation

This is one of the easiest forms to use on your own, however as most projects that deal with large scale commercial projects it will be done best by a professional team. These are essentially roll-out blankets made of mineral wool or fiberglass that are meant to be placed in layers. The tarps are used to densely pack the area until the proper R-value is reached. This is the main measurement that is used to determine quality. It refers to the thickness of the insulation and the higher number, the better strength of heat resistance per inch the material has.

However, it will also depend on the quality of placement, too. If batts are not in unison, or without spacing, they can run the risk of losing up to 25% efficiency. Air Quality Express will ensure that your work is done with excellence and in a good time schedule. Our work ethic gets you fast and effective results. Of course, this method is only a viable option if the area in the building is spacious and not as acute or hard to reach.

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This is an example of loose-fill insulation

Loose-Fill/Blown-In Insulation

If the area is hard to reach, or there is not a lot of space to get into the area, other forms have to be used. Loose-fill material is blown into these areas so that the entire cavity is filled. Otherwise, options like batts would not be able to efficiently fill up space. Typically, the materials for blown-in insulation is fiberglass, cellulose, and rock (mineral) wool.

They are designed to have a density and aeration that keeps the thickness constant throughout the duration of the use. They will not diminish in the strength of heat resistance and some of the materials are also flame-retardant. Options like fiberglass and mineral rock wool are potential suitors for the summer. However, we would not recommend cellulose because it requires a wet application and that is not ideal for such a humid area.

Spray Foam Insulation

Another form which can be incredibly effective for commercial buildings is using spray foam. This is without a doubt one of the strongest materials for heat resistance. While the fiberglass and cellulose materials boast strong R-values, averaging at around R-3.3 while materials like Polyurethane will have an average of R-6.3. This is dramatically better and since the material also gains water-resistance at around 2 inches of thickness, you can protect your home from moisture build-up, which is a key element in mold growth. This method is exceptional for its ability to cover vertical areas of the attic or walls in a way that counteracts gravity. Loosefill or batts may be completely ineffective in this case, and a spray foam application from Air Quality Express would be ideal to perform the job.

Cost-Effective For Energy Bills

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To avoid costly repairs of your AC or higher electric bills, get the insulation that helps protect your home from the heat!

The quality of installation is incredibly important for Katy commercial insulation in buildings. This is one of the key investments that you can make in the development of the building. If the installation is proper, you can be sure that you will have a much cheaper energy bill. That goes along with future repairs being far less frequent. The benefit of some of the options such as polyurethane will last for a lifetime. Furthermore, if you go through Air Quality Express, we can be able to help relieve stress on your HVAC systems. We will also apply radiant barriers to help keep your units running smoothly year-round.

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If you are looking to get Katy commercial insulation, let Air Quality Express take care of your project! We can make the most effective job in half the time. Our work offers a degree of precision that provides customers with comfort. It also helps them save tons of money on their energy bills.

This is just one of the services that we support if you are interested in learning more about our offers, visit our website to explore our options. Otherwise, call (832) 781-0105 to speak with one of our representatives. We will be happy to assist you with whatever job you’re looking for.


  • The town was named after a K-T railroad that goes through the city
  • They have been the host to an annual rice festival since 1981
  • Katy is only a 30-minute drive from Houston
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