Houston Industrial Insulation

Have you been searching for the best company to provide Houston industrial insulation? With access to some of the finest resources available, Air Quality Express is an excellent choice. When considering your options for commercial insulation, it has to be done with the understanding that your building will be built to last for a very long time. These investments require a lot of precise detail and the finest quality materials. If the workmanship is not present, you won’t achieve long-term, sustainable solutions.

Our company does the job in an exemplary fashion. Each member of our team has immense experience, certification, and expertise on the matter. They can perform the job with the utmost confidence and ensure that it is done in a prompt manner. Our projects satisfy customers and meet their demands every time. Let us provide the same amazing care for you, too!

Houston Industrial Insulation

Houston Industrial Insulation

What Material Should You Use For Houston Industrial Insulation?

If you are building a large scale commercial project, next to installation, materials are one of the key necessities that have to be considered. To have insulation that will last for a lifetime, or at the very least more than 15-20 years, the right material is critical. It is also a matter of safety and financial security. Constantly doing repairs or selecting toxic materials can be very costly.

The main materials that a commercial building would benefit from are listed below. We select these as the most cost-effective. We will discuss the methods of application in the following section. Keep in mind that some of these materials are more useful in one climate than another. We will address this specifically for each particular case.


This material is one of the most commonly seen insulations in the United States. It is very reliable and supports all of the basic needs for insulation. Fiberglass is essentially made up of small threads of silicon which are woven to create a sturdy fabric. It supports good resistance to heat transfer and the potential for resistance to water as well. Fiberglass is an inexpensive and abundant material that is great for small and large businesses.

Mineral Wool

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There are many natural benefits to Mineral Wool that are not available for other insulation options. The different types of range. You can find ceramics, the slag found in steel meals, and even volcanic rock. This material naturally resists fire and water. It provides affordable quality. However, it is limited by its method of application. We’ll expand on this in the next section, as well.


Another option that is available to clients is a natural, recycled material that has great value for being the most organic choice. Cellulose is a great choice. You apply cellulose wet. While it has excellent resistance to heat, it is actually flammable and can potentially be a problem in hot climates. We would not recommend Cellulose in areas like Houston due to the intense heat and humidity. The moisture levels make it susceptible to mold growth, which is dangerous for large corporations. It can be a great option, though, if you have the proper substances added to make it non-flammable.


One of the materials that are exceptionally useful for commercial-scale projects is this. Otto Bayer developed polyurethane when he discovered a unique reaction between chemicals. When you add polyisocyanate and polyol together, they react in a manner that is quite extraordinary. The material expands to 30-60 times its liquid size. This meant it was perfect for filling areas and ensuring there is virtually no air filtration. Since one of the largest energy in a house is escaping the air, this is an ideal option because of its density. Furthermore, it has very high heat resistance, too.

The R-value, which all insulators us to gauge their resistance, is 6.3, which is excellent. Most options, such as fiberglass, for example, average around 3.2, which is a huge contrast. It is going to be more expensive, but given the benefits it provides, it may be a worthwhile option for your project.

What Are The Best Methods Of Application?

When selecting your material, some options will be available in one application, while they are not applicable to others. You can have a particular material in one part of the building, but because of the difference in size, shape, or space, you may have to switch options. Typically, our team will inspect the site and determine what the best method will be and will ensure that only the best one is used.

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This material is great to fill in small crevices or oddly shaped buildings. Irregular foundations that don’t allow the space for batts is when you would use loose-fill and have it blown-in. This means we break down the material into small particulates. It is sediment that will not settle over time. Options you have are between fiberglass and cellulose. Mineral wool is unfortunately only available in batts.

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