Are you looking for Houston blown-in attic insulation? This is one of the best methods to install insulation. It has a lot of added benefits too which we’ll discuss. In fact, Air Quality Express can even provide our services to apply this type of insulation into your home or business! This is one of the many different options that we offer, however, this method is certainly worth learning more about. For many homeowners in South Texas, the biggest issues that you have to deal with heat. As a result, you usually have to make investments in the type of equipment and protection that can keep temperatures cool.

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When we speak of insulation, little people think of how it ties into your energy bill. Without good insulation, you may be suffering from a number of issues that you might blame other systems for. This is why we want to offer blown-in insulation because your home deserves the highest quality material, method, and team to get the job done. Air Quality Express is your preference when it comes to superb insulation.

Benefits Of Houston Blown-In Attic Insulation

The “blown-in” method refers to the difference in the application that we use to put the application into the attic. If there are areas where space is cramped, or the walls are oddly shaped, other options may not be able to effectively cover it. This will lead to inefficiencies and further damages over time. As a result, the option to blow in the same material is used instead.

With blown-in equipment, the same basic materials are available but in loose-fill only. This means they are sediment and made up of mainly recycled material that is small and powdery in most cases. It can reach the crevices and places where batts, the rollout insulation tarps, would not be able to protect. It maintains consistent thickness just like the other options. This method will still offer similar degrees of moisture protection and in some cases, fire resistance as well.

Materials Used In Insulation

The basic materials that are most common in insulation are going to be listed below. They are not always ideal for certain areas and climates or to have blown in, and we will highlight those particular options. However, for the most part, the options below will be suitable for any area in the Houston area. We want to increase awareness because not all areas of the house may need blown-in insulation.

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The options we have showcased are better equipped for dealing with extreme heat and high levels of humidity. While there are certain health hazards, our crew will oversee the process and ensure safety measures are taken. Air Quality Express will carry out the job in an efficient and responsible manner, they are certified to handle each of the following materials:

Mineral Wool

This material can come from many different sources. You can find the material in slag at steel mills, however, you can also use volcanic rock or ceramics as well. It has the added benefit of being naturally flame-retardant. It will suit the extreme heat well. This material also has a natural resistance to moisture, too. This is a relatively newer material that is challenging the most popular options with its innate resilience. It is preferred with Batts, but in rare cases, you can use it to be blown in.

It was discovered in the volcanic rocks that were seen to have blown the molten rock into a thread like structures. This material is dense and rigid, with low malleability. Additionally, it is not safe to breathe in as the small slivers that make up the loose-fill will irritate the lungs and potentially cause disease. While it is inexpensive, whenever you seek to use this material, please make sure a professional crew is there to perform the job.


One of the other options that we have available is fiberglass. When made into loose-fill it consists of a majority of recycled sand and glass sediment. This too is dangerous to inhale or come in contact with, but our crew will take care of it. Yet, it possesses some great protection to heat transfer and is very supportive for moisture. It is made of very thin fibers of glass that appear like threads. Then manufacturers weave the glass fibers into a fluffy material.

You can use the material for batts or blown-in loose-fill and it will provide great protection. This is the best option to use for blowing into an attic. It is efficient, fast and very economical. You can have Air Quality Express come to your home and perform the installation without having to move a finger or waste time waiting on the job to be done.

How Can Good Insulation Help Your Home?

Proper insulation will ensure that your home is protected from the dangers of extreme heat and cold. This can mean a lot of money saved in the Houston area. When temperatures exceed 100 degrees, the air conditioners have difficulty maintaining efficiency and will drop off in quality. In many cases, they can stall or breakdown altogether.

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This is because they aren’t meant to handle this type of weather. AC units are only supposed to control the temperature within a range of 20 degrees. If the heat is too intense, it won’t be able to keep the temperature as cold for as long and will require more power to force the situation. As a consequence of this, your energy bills will increase and when the air conditioning accounts for a majority of your utility bills, it can be a drastic change.

However, good insulation will ensure there is a radiant barrier between your home and the outside world. The temperature inside will be lowered by 10-15% and as a result, the AC machine won’t experience as much stress. The work rate it demands will lower and so too will your electricity bills!

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