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Are you interested in getting your home a Houston attic insulation service? If this is a new home, or you’re renovating, the answer should be ‘absolutely’! This is one of the prime features that can help keep your home efficiently running all throughout the year. With good insulation, you are ensuring that the room temperature within the house is controllable. It won’t be prone to dissipate and escape through the roof. This is one of the most effective ways to keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Any time is the perfect time to get your new insulation or replenish your old insulation!

With Quality Air Express, you will find that the job is done to the utmost satisfaction. We ensure that every Houston attic insulation is placed with accuracy so as to cover the most surface area with an even level of insulation. Many times when homeowners choose to insulate themselves, they may not get the best material or place it properly. With a professional from Air Quality Express, precise installation won’t be a concern. The options that we offer our customers usually depend on their preference or the geographic location. Remember, a professional will be able to ensure a much more effective job, and with better insulation, you’ll have far more control over your energy bills.

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Houston Attic Insulation

Both Winter & Summer

Of course, there is no need to elaborate on how hot it gets in Houston. The summers always seem to bring incredible heat waves that leave people scalded with their tires melting in the streets. See, the insulation actually works both ways. It will simply block heat transfer from either side of the roof. Our professionals at Air Quality Express are able to shield your home from the Houston summers and even the sneaky winters just as well.

Whether you are living in the north of Houston or down south, the winter can sometimes surprise natives. With intense freezes and stretches of cold weather keeping people indoors, it’s not always intense heat and tropical climate. There are occasions where it will even snow quite a bit, and in those cases where freezing is probable, it’s best to have good insulation.

Different Materials For Houston Attic Insulation

The need for proper insulation is imperative regardless if it gets too cold or hot in the region. It is simply one of the features that a home must utilize to stay energy-efficient. Although the type of material you choose can be the difference-maker in one location, it may not make much of an impact in another location where temperatures are more moderate. However, it also should be mentioned that if you don’t make the sacrifice and get higher grade insulation installed, you may come to regret it due to some of the other benefits it can provide. We’ll expand on the value of the options we have available and then go on to cover some of the other ways that attic insulation can keep your house in the best condition.


Attic Insulation Services

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This is one of the most popular options to consider. It is a non-flammable, dense material that is rather inexpensive to install into your home. However, relative to other options on the market, it does not have a very high R-value. The Fiberglass rating is around R-2.8 to R-3.6. This is the number that represents the degree of insulation/heat resistance one can expect from each type. While there are other options that will provide more resistance, it is a great choice for any homeowner. Quality Air Express ensures that our crew will apply it safely and efficiently so you can return to enjoying homelife!


This is one of the other more popular options, specifically for those that are looking to get a more eco-friendly material. It is made of mostly recycled material and holds a very good density per inch that can keep good control of the atmosphere within a house. It is one of the most fire-resistant choices, but it is prone to causing allergies to flare up. Furthermore, it may be a hard task for some companies to perform, but the average R-value is 3.1-3.7, so it is certainly a worthwhile option. Ask an Air Quality Express representative how we can perform this task for your home!


This type of insulation may not be the most abundant, but it certainly has valuable properties. You can use this material to gain some of the highest quality insulation that is achievable. The main chemical that is used is a polyurethane foam, which is a spray-on gel that can form a very thick closed-cell foam. This foam weighs in at around 2 pounds per cubic foot.

When applied, the professional standard is to use non-chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gas for a blowing agent. This will ensure that the atmosphere (Ozone levels in particular) are better preserved and not damaged as intensely. Furthermore, this aerogel also has a very high R-value of 6.3 per inch of thickness. With the added bonus of being fire resistant, you can be sure that this is one of the best options on the market. Whenever you think you may be interested in using this material, just give us a call, and we will confirm whether it is the best choice for your home!


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Air Quality Express is more than happy to perform your attic insulation and fiberglass insulation service. We can do the job fast and effective with no incident. You can receive the most efficient insulation job at a price that is reasonable. The work will be prompt and done before you know it. In order to reach us, simply call (832) 781-0105 or visit our website to learn more about our services.

We are proud to be serving the Houston and  surrounding areas and look forward to preparing your home to handle the elements. Our insulation services bring energy savings that will save you money and add attic space. We can create a radiant barrier that is reflecting heat at cost-effective rates. With care from Air Quality Express, you are treating your home to the best maintenance, and in turn, it will reward you with long term support. This is what our company does best, let us work on your home next! Don’t forget to visit our web page on Houston Attic Insulation for more information.