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Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston Texas USA Most homes in the Houston, TX area have a dryer. Roughly 80 percent of the homes in the USA have a clothes dryer. Your dryer vent’s main function is to collect any hair, debris, or fluff that accumulates when you run your dryer. You want to empty vent after you dry each load of laundry. Unfortunately, many people don’t make a habit of doing this. This allows the debris, hair, and fluff to build up over time.
Your dryer vent can get clogged very quickly. This can lead to a fire hazard or other problems. This is why it’s so important to search for dryer vent cleaning near me and find a reputable and professional dryer vent cleaning service like Air Quality Express to help you.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston Texas USA For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (832) 781-0105

Common Causes of a Clogged Dryer Vent

One of the biggest factors that contribute to clogged dryer vents is a lack of routine maintenance. Water evaporates from your clothing during the drying cycle. Lint detaches from your clothing and gets stuck in the vent. This can eventually build up over time. You have to clean the small lint trap as well as the entire length of the exhaust vent at least once a year.

Having your dryer farther away from an exterior wall is another huge contributing factor to having a clogged dryer vent. You have to run a longer vent to reach an outer wall. This more extended vent creates more opportunities for lint and debris to get caught and start to build up. There’s also a higher possibility that you’ll end up with a partially crushed section of vent. Again, this leads to a large potential for a clog.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston Texas USA For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (832) 781-0105

Clogged Dryer Vent Warning Signs

There are several early warning signs that you need to schedule a dryer vent cleaning session. You want to catch this as early as possible to reduce the risks of a fire or other problems.

1. Drying Times Take Longer

  • One of the most obvious indicators that your dryer vent is starting to clog is that your dryer times start to stretch out. They can even double or triple in length. This happens because your dryer pushes moist and warm air our through your vent during a drying cycle. A clogged vent traps the air in with the clothing. This results in damp clothes and longer drying times.

2. The dryer is Hot to the Touch

  • Is your dryer hot to the touch at the end of a drying cycle? Is your clothing hot to the touch as well? These are two warning signs of a partially clogged or clogged dryer vent. The clog is preventing the dryer from exhausting correctly. This leads to a more strain on your dryer’s blower and heating element.

3. You Went a Year Between Inspections

  • Your dryer typically gets a lot of use. You may run it once or twice a day. This heavier usage means that you want it inspected and cleaned more often than other systems in your home. You want a thorough drying vent cleaning and inspection once a year to keep it in top condition.

4. You Smell Something Burning

  • Does it smell like something is burning or smoldering when you run your dryer? Dryer lint can build up in your dryer’s exhaust tube, lint trap, and in the dryer’s drum casing. The lint can catch fire and burn if it gets too hot during a drying cycle. It’s also extremely flammable.

5. Vent Hood Flap is Stuck

  • Go outside and look at your dryer’s vent hood flap. If you can see debris or lint hanging outside of the vent opening or around the dryer hose, the vent hood flap isn’t functioning properly. Lint buildup can cause this flap to stay closed during a drying cycle. This means you get restricted airflow.

6. Utility Bills Rise

  • Your utility bills can go up if you have to run your dryer more often or for longer periods to get your clothing dry. They can also go up if your dryer draws more power as it struggles to work.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston Texas USA For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (832) 781-0105

Consequences of Not Doing a Thorough Dryer Vent Cleaning

People think that they can just clean the dryer’s lint trap and that it’s good enough. However, this is wrong. It can lead to several consequences for your entire family.

Fire Hazard
As we mentioned earlier, lint is an extremely flammable material. Allowing this to build up in your dryer vent is a huge fire hazard. Over 34 percent of people fail to keep their dryer vents clean. This results in 2,900 home dryer fires per year in the USA alone. There is also an estimated 100 injuries, five deaths, and over $35 million in property loss. Dryer vent cleaning could prevent most of these fires.

Higher Energy Usage
Did you know that running a drying cycle with a dirty lint screen and clogged dryer vent can use up to 30 percent more energy per cycle? This is wasted energy that could have saved you a little money. This is especially true if you’re in the Houston area and you run multiple loads of laundry per day.

Indoor Air Quality
A clogged dryer vent doesn’t allow air to escape. A gas dryer with a clogged vent doesn’t allow for proper fume ventilation either. This can lower your home’s indoor air quality. It turns, you may notice more respiratory problems, asthma issues, and flares.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston Texas USA For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (832) 781-0105

Reasons to Call in a Houston Area Dryer Vent Cleaning Business

You want to call in a dryer vent cleaning business like Air Quality Express in the Houston area. There are several benefits of calling in a professional. They include:

  • Equipment – At Air Quality Express, we have all of the tools and equipment we need to ensure that your dryer vent cleaning goes smoothly. We know that we have the tools to reach every corner of your dryer vent. This helps to ensure that we get all of the stuck or built up lint and debris.
  • Knowledge and Experience – You can clean your dryer vent yourself. However, a business will have years of experience and knowledge to draw on. They’ll look for faulty parts or issues when they clean your dryer vent. They also know how to hook everything back up properly when they finish the job.
  • Insurance – If something breaks when you’re attempting to clean your dryer vent, you’re out money to repair it. A dryer vent cleaner has insurance to replace anything that breaks when they’re fixing it. This can save you money.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston Texas USA For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (832) 781-0105

Why Choose Air Quality Express

There are many dryer vent cleaning companies in Houston. There are also several things you want to look for in the cleaner you choose. Choosing Air Quality Express means that you get:

  • Free Quotes: We provide free quotes for our customers because we understand how difficult it can be to cover an unexpected bill. We believe in full transparency, so you always know where you stand. You can call us at 832 781-0105 to request your free quote.
  • Insurance: Accidents can happen when we’re on a job site. This is why we’re fully insured with liability and workman’s compensation insurance.
  • Licensed Staff: Our staff are all fully licensed and trained to clean your dryer vent. We can provide local and state licenses.
  • Reviews and References: We’re extremely proud of our work ethic. Our staff dedicates themselves to quality work. This shows by out glowing reviews and references. We invite you to check out our online reviews.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: We have a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on every job we perform. We’ll work with you until you’re fully satisfied with our work.
  • Stability: We’ve built a strong reputation over the past 20 years. We’ve served the Houston area for the past eight years. We’ve been able to build a stable and solid foundation that continues today.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston Texas USA For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (832) 781-0105

Dryer Vent Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a dryer vent?
Your dryer vent is located in the back of your dryer. Its main function is to carry lint and moisture from the dryer to the outside of your home. Reduced dryer efficiency is a major warning sign that your dryer vent is clogged.

2. Why pay to have your dryer vent cleaned?
A business that specializes in dryer vent cleaning is also prepared to handle any surprises they may encounter when they’re cleaning your vent. They look for faulty parts, improperly installed parts, and any major issues.

3. What are the benefits of routine dryer vent cleaning?
There are several benefits to having your dryer vent routinely cleaned. It lowers your risk of a dryer fire. Routine cleaning also improves your dryer’s efficiency, lowers your energy costs, and extends your dryer’s life.

4. What else could cause a dryer to run inefficiently?
Your vent could be in disrepair instead of just being clogged. There could also be a blockage that you can’t see. Improper venting configurations are also another reason why dryers run inefficiently. We look for all of these issues when we clean your vent.

5. Is there a difference between a dryer vent and a dryer duct?
No. These are both common names for your dryer’s exhaust system. They’re used interchangeably depending on where you are in the country.

6. What causes a dryer fire?
A restricted airflow is the main cause of dryer fires. The airflow gets restricted when there is a clog in the vent. This causes your dryer to work harder to dry your clothing. In turn, your dryer runs hotter.

7. Does the number of people in the house change how often you clean your dryer vent?
Yes. The number of people impacts how often you have your dryer vent cleaned because it impacts how often you run your dryer. Generally, one to two person household will only need a cleaning every two years. A household with three or more people will need annual cleaning.

If you live in the Houston area and have questions or concerns about our dryer vent cleaning services, or if you’d like to request your free quote or schedule an appointment, contact us. You can send us an email or give us a call at (832) 781-0105. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston Texas USA For More Info Please Give Us A Call At (832) 781-0105



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