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When it comes to your business, no one provides better air quality services than Air Quality Express. We manage everything from routine air quality maintenance to unexpected emergencies. Keeping your air equipment and systems in good condition is extremely important as some hazards may affect employee productivity. Other air quality issues seem relatively small and even unnoticeable—until you experience the effects. In either case, we identify and render the services you need to solve any of your air quality problems. With fully-certified and experienced technicians specializing in a variety of jobs, rest assured that your office will remain safe and pleasant for all coworkers and guests. Whether you own or lease your commercial property, we work to keep the location in the same great condition as you received it, or even better.


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You’ll find truly effective cleaning services at Air Quality Express. Our team provides in-depth inspections and solutions that produce long-lasting results. Our methods are efficient and safe; we provide our clients with service that doesn’t add harsh chemicals to the air or take up too much time.

Regularly cleaning your air ducts is good for business. Keeping the indoor air quality at optimal levels can provide tremendous health benefits. Those health benefits translate directly into increased productivity. Additionally, clean air ducts run more efficiently and reduce energy costs. Air Quality Express provides fast, affordable commercial air duct cleaning and repair. No system is too large or too complex for our experienced technicians. Call us for same-day air duct service.

Servicing your dryer vents is a worthwhile investment. With dirty vents, you risk ruining your clothing, small rugs, and even property. Furthermore, you will likely have higher utility bills. Air Quality Express inspects your dryer vents and correct these issues.

Mold can be a scary situation to deal with. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to close down your building until the matter is resolved. Mold grows in a variety of places such as air ducts and dryers. Therefore, it’s best to call a company that has experience servicing and repairing those areas on a daily basis. Air Quality Express can act quickly to remediate the presence of mold on your property.

Business owners in search of a highly-effective air quality solution need to look no further than Air Quality Express. We can install UV lights in your air ducts and water sources. Natural UV lighting halts the growth of bacteria, reduces the likelihood of illness, and purifies indoor air. This is a great option for commercial properties that want to ensure the most sanitary conditions in their work environment.

For large-scale carpet jobs, we employ the best techniques for stain and odor removal. Our team uses high-quality equipment for carpets so our process is fast, efficient, and makes a very noticeable difference. As a result, your carpet will be quickly uplifted, odor-neutralized, and left cleaner than ever before.

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In a large-scale business, it is imperative that you implement the best cleaning methods. This will in turn help workers put out the best quality work and help the company thrive. A healthy workforce is critical to long term success. Air Quality Express will see to it that your building gets a complete scan and cleaning with UV Light. For more information on one of these services, you can click on them to learn more or you can contact one of our representatives to get information.

Air Quality Express uses HEPA vacuums in order to achieve extremely effective results. This high-efficiency vacuum is more effective than conventional vacuums as they contain filters that can trap extremely small, micron-sized particles. A true HEPA vacuum and/or filter can trap 99.97 percent of airborne particles in your office larger than 0.3 microns. As a result, you’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that your office or work location will be cleaned in the most effective way in the industry. Contact Air Quality Express today to learn more about our cleaning and restoration services.