The attic in every house is always concealed. Yet, its importance in energy efficiency, as well as, the quality of air inside the home and the general integrity of every roof cannot be overstated. So, attic cleaning is very crucial in the overall well-being of the home. Then again, if it is unclean and with bad insulation, it could result in the production of bad smells. And it could become a breeding zone for pests, and inflate your energy costs. At Air Quality Express, we believe that five key projects help to keep your attic space in the best condition. Also, it will help you to cut down on utility costs in the Houston area, Texas.

Attic Insulation

Excellent attic cleaning and insulation is a very important aspect of the interior in every home. For your house to retain its warmth during the cold winter, as well as, keep out excessive heat during the hot summer, you need to have an adequate level of insulation. Therefore, with the right attic insulation, energy costs would reduce since your HVAC unit will be efficient.

Air Quality Express is a renowned specialist in the installation of different types of insulation. Blown-in insulation is very good for energy efficiency and helps to fill any spaces that exist between your walls, as well as, seal up cracks. Fiberglass batts insulation is perfect where the spaces do not have any obstruction like a floor, a ceiling, or an unfinished wall and help to prevent heat and cold from escaping. No matter the kind of attic insulation, Air Quality Express is your best bet.

Attic Cleaning Services

Rodents love to hide in attics and this can adversely affect your health. Pests like raccoons, mice, and even rats usually love areas that are full and your attic offers them the perfect breeding shelter and food. Air Quality Express is very efficient and has years of experience in cleaning the attic space of our clients. Our professional staff has the training in the best attic cleaning methods. No matter how bad your attic space looks, we will provide a comprehensive cleanup service for your attic floor so that it can be in top shape wherever you are in the Houston area to ensure your satisfaction.

experience in cleaning the attic space of our esteemed clients. Our professional staff is highly trained in the best attic cleaning methods. No matter how bad your attic space looks, we will provide a comprehensive cleanup service for your attic floor so that it can be in top shape wherever you are in the Houston area to ensure your satisfaction.

Radiant Barrier Installation

One of the best ways to ensure that your house remains cool and promote energy savings when the hot summer comes is through the use of a radiant barrier. Made from aluminum or various kinds of reflective material, we place radiant barriers above the attic insulation as this helps to keep the heat at bay. If you install your radiant barrier properly, it will help to lower the heat level in your home and, also, keep your home warm if the weather condition outside is cold. Therefore, radiant barriers help to regulate the attic temperature which in turn regulates your home temperature. At Air Quality Express, we are professionals in this kind of technical installation and we have the right experts to give you the best service.

Attic Proofing

A living space that’s unhygienic is a big turnoff. Then again, a home that is rife with rodents poses health hazards for the inhabitants. The reason is that rodents are known to carry different kinds of diseases and make living uncomfortable in any home. Hearing rodents scurrying along on the attic floor of your home can be irritating too. At Air Quality Express, we know that rodents are a menace and we understand how important a healthy and neat environment is. These pests chew on electrical wires, get your attic insulation damaged which affects the level of insulation, and litter your home which is the reason that you need to take active steps to protect yourself from them.

Innovative Methods

At Air Quality Express, we use innovative methods to ensure that rodents never come back into your attic once we have gotten rid of them. The traditional methods of getting rid of rodents cannot offer you a long-term panacea and are now obsolete. Our expert technicians employ the use of innovative techniques to identify, as well as, seal every point of entry that is accessible to rodents to ensure that they do not crawl back into the less active parts of your house. We are the best attic proofers in the Houston area, Texas and we make use of high-quality sealers to permanently keep the rodents away.

Sanitation & Decontamination

Keeping your attic clean is quite different from the daily housecleaning activities that you engage in. Air Quality Express, therefore, recommends that you avoid DIY cleanups. Due to the fact that rodents have toxins embedded in their feces, you need the right specialist to handle them. At Air Quality Express, we have the best equipment, safety gear, as well as training and chemicals to give you the best sanitation and decontamination service in the Houston area. Rodents in your attic space should never be neglected because they invariably lead to a hike in your energy costs by damaging your attic insulation which, also, affects the level of insulation and hinders energy efficiency in your home. Contact Air Quality Express to give you the best attic sanitation service.


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