Air ducts have a connection with the HVAC system in your home. So, they are the pathway through which hot air or cool air travel throughout your home. The air duct system has a role to play in the quality of air in your home. Just like your body’s circulatory system, air ducts work in the same way and greatly affect the type of indoor air quality. This is the reason that you need the best cleaning services for your air duct and dryer vent as it is essential in promoting energy efficiency in your home.

Why It’s Easy To Forget

Since the air duct system is positioned behind the walls of your home or above the ceiling, it is quite easy to forget their maintenance. So, a lot of persons usually forget that air duct cleaning services need to be carried out on a routine basis because of its potential to result in long term problems, especially, with regards to the quality of air in your home. According to recommendations by the NADCA, cleaning your air duct should be carried out every four to seven years.

How Necessary?

Most persons usually express shock when they get to discover the level of dust in their home. The NADCA reveals that every year, an approximate 40 pounds worth of dust generated from everyday living. The HVAC system in your home recirculates air about 5 to 7 times each day which causes it to drag in dust, as well as, various air pollutants into the air duct and these pollutants get attached to eat walls and begin to build up as the years go by. In order to optimize the indoor air quality, it is important that you hire the right Houston air duct system cleaning experts.

Air Quality Express

Air Quality Express is your premium provider of quality air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services. We do a great job by getting rid of all pollutants in your air duct system, and we take steps to purify your indoor air from things such as dust, mold, as well as bacteria. We can prevent the excess dust and allergies in your home via our cleaning services as we employ the best methods to take out ductwork irritants. If you are not sure about the right time to contact Air Quality Express for comprehensive air duct cleaning services, here are some things to look out for –

Contact Air Quality Express if you always have to sweep your house and do some dusting too frequently.

If you notice a reduction in the energy efficiency and the hike in your utility bills, then, endeavor to contact us to provide you with our air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning services in order to improve the efficiency of your system.

More Signs

If you have signs of an allergy as soon as the airflow is triggered, contact Air Quality Express to carry out air duct cleaning services in order to get rid of the particulates.

If it seems like your rooms are not getting adequate airflow from the vents, it is imperative that you get in touch with an air duct system cleaning company in order to get your airflow restored.

What you should know about duct cleaning

Cleaning your air duct system involves the elimination of dust, more, as well as various contaminants that clog your HVAC system ductwork. The EPA stated that when it comes to air duct cleaning, it involves getting the heating systems and the cooling systems, as well as, the ducts for the supply of air and the return of air cleaned. This, also, involves cleaning the registers, the diffusers, the coils meant for cooling and heating, the drip pans, the fan motor, and the unit housing for handling air in your home. In the united states, air pollution in the home is one of the top health risks, and one of the ways to significantly sanitize the air quality in the home is to hire an air duct cleaning company.

If you wish to improve the energy efficiency in your home, cleaning your air ducts is one of the best strategies. When your ductwork is neat and allow the free flow of air, your HVAC system test once more efficiently and consumes even less power which helps to eventually reduce the amount in bills that accrue to utilities.

How we comply with NADCA standards

Air Quality Express takes steps to ensure that we comply with the standards that are set by the NADCA with regards to the cleaning of air ducts. We have our trained and professional technicians to give you the best customer service. Here is how we ensure that you get top-notch air duct system cleaning and dryer vent revamping –

First, we have built a reputation over time that guaranteed that all our crews showed up on time at every client’s location and we will apply the same strategy of punctuality when you contact us.

Our technicians arrive at your location in Houston in our branded vehicle and communicate with you in a courteous manner as they go over your request and do their possible best to explain how we carry out our air duct cleaning services in detail.

Next steps

Next, our professional technicians will begin to prepare your home for the great job ahead and will make sure that every vent, as well as, every return duct can be accessed. Then, we will go ahead to place covers to protect your floors and corner guards as required.

Before commencing with the cleaning of your duct and dryer vent, our skilled technicians will seal up events, as well as, the returns and make sure that the air conditioning ducts of your home are placed under negative pressure. This will help to optimize and increase airflow.

We will then go ahead and connect our very effective vacuum device to the main trunk line of your house. This helps to improve our efficiency in collecting every kind of contaminant which will get dislodged from the air duct.

Compressed air whips that operate with very high pressure will be sent into your ductwork with the aim of taking out any forms of dirt and debris, and we will retrieve them in our contamination unit.

Final Steps

As soon as we complete the cleaning of your air duct system, our tech pros will seal up the hole that is used to access the principal trunk line. We will make use of an access panel in line with the standards of NADCA.

Then, our experts will take steps to conduct a review of the cleaning project to determine your level of satisfaction and provide answers to any inquiries that you might make.

Let’s Help You

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Air Quality Express is the best when it comes to providing air duct cleaning services in Houston. If you, also, are looking for experts to maintain your furnace or carry out dryer vent cleaning for your home, we will be more than happy to give you a perfect job. No matter what kind of air duct cleaning job it is, from corporate buildings to private houses in the Houston area and around, we always give industry standard services in line with the regulations of the NADCA.

Why you should clean your air duct

Frequently getting your air ducts cleaned is a necessity due to the fact that dust mites, germs, fungi, as well as, bacteria and more reside in them. An air duct system that is very dirty will have a negative effect on the indoor air quality in your home. According to scientific researchers, people who regularly expose themselves to pollutants in the air stand a very high risk of developing chronic health issues. Exposure to these pollutants can result in the development of health issues such as retarded growth of the lungs, respiratory disease, damage to the brain, and more.

Your Indoor Air Quality Through Your Air Duct

When the indoor air quality of your home is bad and begins to cause you health problems, it can be an indicator of mold growth. This is because bacteria, as well as, other contaminants always lodge in the cooling and heating systems in every home. If your air duct system is dirty, you automatically are breathing in dirty air. Debris like dead insects is among the things which get trapped in your ear doctor. If you end up using your air conditioner that way, you will end up getting all of that debris circulating around your house or your office.

Our Recommendations On Your Air Duct

For the above reasons, Air Quality Express recommends that you carry out air duct cleaning processes every 2-3 years. This helps to improve energy efficiency which will invariably lead to a reduction in your energy costs and an improvement in the air quality of your home. When your HVAC unit is optimally operated, the indoor air quality is bound to increase, but when the setting unit does not get cleaned as required, a lot of dirt will begin to circulate inside your home.


Today, a lot of health experts are beginning to advocate for you to have cleaned air due to the benefits that it offers you health wise and our technicians at Air Quality Express have the training and certification to give you great services. In order to ensure that we get rid of any health hazards, Air Quality Express will perform thorough cleaning services on your HVAC unit. In fact, we will restore your HVAC.

Then again, inadequate air duct cleaning and dryer vent maintenance is the principal cause of about 14,000 fires in houses located in the united states. Air Quality Express is capable of cleaning your dryer vent. We will expertly reduce the accumulation of lint which will help to increase energy efficiency while keeping your family safe.

Our top-notch air duct cleaning equipment

At Air Quality Express, we know how important it is to eliminate contaminants from homes or offices in the Houston area, and we make use of very innovative equipment which includes –


The Roto-brush comes with a special design that helps you to get the best out of your air duct cleaning. There is a miniature camera that we embedded in this tool to make it more efficient in locating debris, dust, as well as any forms of dirt that have built up in your air ducts. With our very fast Roto-brush rotating at a very high speed, it efficiently dislodges dirt from your air ducts and vacuums every single debris, sucking them into our top-notch filtration system.

Our experts will insert the brush right inside your air ducts, and as it rotates with a very high speed, it will loosen up any debris that is stuck to the ductwork. As the Roto-brush scrubs on the inside, the vacuum simply sucks up any debris that comes loose which leaves your air duct system totally clean.

HEPA vacuum

We make use of a technically advanced HEPA filtrated system which sets your duct system under negative pressure. Any debris which comes loose from your ductwork is collected by vacuum and vents it outside where it goes directly to our vacuum machine that is mounted on a truck. If there are any areas that are difficult to reach, Air Quality Express will make use of portable machines to collect the particulates.

Foster 40-20

This protective coating is made to combat fungi. Polyacrylate copolymer emulsion is basically made to fight the activity of fungi in the long-run and is built to last. With Foster 40-20, molds and bacteria which cause offensive odor are prevented from spreading on the surface of your air duct system. While it gives your air duct a finish that is decorative and elastic, it does not split with movement. This helps to ensure that bacteria no longer have a place to lodge and spread. Once your HVAC system is clean, Foster protective coating will give it the protection it needs. Now you can say goodbye to contaminated air or odor problems which are mostly experienced with HVAC systems that are compromised.

Air Quality Express is licensed and insured

At Air Quality Express, we have technicians that have undergone the best training in cleaning your air duct, and we are fully licensed and insured. Our experience speaks for itself, and we have a proven history of providing top-notch air duct cleaning and dryer vent maintenance to satisfied clients in Houston. Since we are licensed and insured, we are proud to be members of the NADCA and are totally committed to optimizing the indoor air quality in both residential houses, as well as, corporate buildings.

Contact us today

Air Quality Express provides same day services to all clients in Houston Texas. Simply book an appointment with us and our highly trained technicians will do a great job on your air ducts and dryer vents. We are renowned air duct cleaners, and we are ready to offer you the best air duct cleaning service.

If you’re searching for the best experts to improve the indoor air quality of your home and are confused about how to put an end to the persistent air problems and reduced energy efficiency of your home due to contaminated air, simply contact Air Quality Express and let us help you with the best air duct system cleaning service to help you breathe fresh air once again. We would love to hear from you!


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